KEVIN HART: What This Comedian Just Said Will Have Homosexuals Throwing Hissy Fits

Oh, no. Kevin might have just made himself a mark for gay activists. Enjoy.

Kevin Hart doesn’t expect to play a gay character anytime soon.

During an interview with New York’s Power 105.1 radio station, the Wedding Ringer star admitted to turning down the role of Alpa Chino in 2008’s Tropic Thunder because he didn’t feel comfortable playing a gay role. The part was played in the film by Brandon T. Jackson.

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Hart was then asked whether he would ever play a gay character. “I can’t,” he said. “Not because I have any ill will or disrespect. It’s because I don’t think I’m really going to dive into that role 100 percent because of insecurities about myself trying to play that part. Does that make sense?”

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