Written by Larry Usoff on January 19, 2015

Embarrassing…to say the least.

When the leaders of countries got together in Paris recently, because of the terrorist slaughter there, all the major, and a few of the minor, leaders were there.   Who was missing?   Who is allegedly the “leader of the free world”?  Who is it that cannot, and will not, utter the words “Muslim” and “terrorist” in the same sentence?   The answer to all of those questions is…the Muslim in the White House.   The message that our government sent is that it wasn’t important enough to send a high-ranking individual to represent the United States.  The person that went, the Attorney General, is a man who has been found in contempt of Congress, and pretty much a carbon copy of the president(no pun intended). 

There can be no mistake that the imposter-in-the Oval Office is delusional, and we do not need a mentally-disturbed person leading our country.  He should do the honorable thing and resign…but then, he’s not an honorable man.  What he IS, is a small-minded, delusional, incompetent, lying, probably foreign-born community organizer who is WHERE he is because of the people who have manipulated his life for years and years.

For years, literally, my mantra has been to oust him, by whatever legal means are available.   I recall that, many years ago, the CEO of Montgomery Ward, was physically removed from his office by troops of the US Army.   Not being a lawyer, I don’t know if that’s a legal move today, but if it could be done, then the current occupant of the White House should be confronted by a squad of troops, and physically escorted out of the White House and, perhaps, to a courtroom where he could be tried…for treason.   That might amount to a military coup, but it might not…the one thing that it definitely would do is to bring the vice president into the picture.   Joe Biden is no brain-trust in my opinion, and he makes a lot of verbal gaffes, but we KNOW he’s an American.

Following the terrorist attack in Paris, the usual dhimmis got on TV and proclaimed that because America has more guns than most, if not all, countries, should something like that happen here, there might be more bloodshed.   Of course, my fall-back answer to that would be that a bad guy with a gun can be stopped by a good guy with a gun.  

Can we prevent terrorist acts in America?  The short answer is no, but we can minimize them by good police action, alertness of your surroundings, and, by carrying a concealed weapon.   A person in a gun-free zone, who is not armed (because they’re obeying the wishes of the establishment) may be considered a potential victim.   Gun-free zones are, as one person noted, a shooting gallery with no chance that anyone will shoot back.

My closer on my radio show is the quote from JFK, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, and that has never been more important, or truer, than now.   If you cannot understand that we are slip-sliding into mediocrity, perhaps into just being a footnote in history, then it’s time somebody got you and shook you awake. 
At no time in my life that I can remember, except during World War Two, was there a chance that we might have to surrender to another country.  That is now a definite possibility and the blame falls right at the feet of the imposter-in-the White House. 

As you read this, what goes through your mind?  Do you think that (a) it can’t happen to America, (b) my thinking is alarmist, or (c) that I just might be right?   Do you want to bet your life on that?

Since this is a political blog, and I’m both a commentator and a reporter, let me look ahead to 2016.  Simply stated, in my opinion, if Mrs. Clinton is the nominee, that would be a continuation of the policies of the current president, and we can look around and see where he has brought us.  There is nothing in her political life that stands out as an event, except the murder of the four Americans in Benghazi.  On the other side of the coin, the Republican nominee should be ready to step in, on Day One, and begin the tearing-down of the huge bureaucracy that has been needlessly created.  It would be my preference, of course, that the GOP nominee be successful, and further, it would be my preference to have Mitt Romney to be that winner.

I’m going to close with this quote, from a man that is far more brilliant than I could ever hope to be, that I believe is appropriate for this time and circumstance: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”—-Albert Einstein.  

Think about it, maybe in-between watching your football or basketball games.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired; www.AirHumanityRadio.net

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