END GAME: ‘Backlash’ Enables Endless Leftist and Islamic Violence

Written by Paul Hair on January 18, 2015

Leftists and Muslims now are free to engage in endless and lawless violence because every time they do they instantly declare themselves victims who fear backlash from their attacks.

The practice of declaring Muslims victims of backlash and Islamophobia immediately after they commit their latest act of violence has become so common that people predicted it would happen as soon as news broke of the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office. They were, of course, correct.

Media headlines and reports screamed that the Islamic attacks in France meant that society now had to worry about so-called Islamophobia, backlash against Muslims, a dangerous rise of the right-wing, and so forth. It wasn’t just a few or fringe outlets screaming this either. Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Telegraph, NBC and MSNBC, Mother Jones, Time, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal all ran articles or filed reports using one of these narratives. So did the U.S. government-affiliated Voice of America.

Politicians pushed these narratives too. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Turkish President Recep Tayyip both used the Islamic terrorist attack in France to warn of Islamophobia.

Howard Dean took a slightly different path and declared that he “stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists” despite the terrorists identifying as Islamic. Anjem Choudary, a London-based Islamic cleric, immediately proved Dean a fool by writing an opinion piece for USA Today that explained that the Islamic terrorists who slaughtered people in France were indeed Islamic.

Pundit Sally Kohn chose to use the Islamic terrorist attack to defend Muslims and push the narrative that it is the right-wing that is the true threat to us all. “Since 9/11, right-wing extremists (incl anti-abortion, anti-gov) have killed more Americans than Islamic extremists,” she tweeted. I have extensively debunked this lie but the left will never stop promoting it. After all, say something long enough, loud enough, and hard enough, and it eventually becomes “truth.”

Muslims have long been successful in using illegitimate violence to achieve their goals. But their violence has now become even more effective. After all, how can a society hope to win against an enemy that gains an increasing amount of sympathizers with every act of illegitimate violence it commits?

Making matters worse, violence as a means of gaining sympathizers and the victimhood label is not limited to Muslims. Their leftist allies have mastered using violence in this way as well. Ferguson is a perfect example.

Leftists made themselves, and their presumed constituents, out to be the victims at every point when they engaged in violence related to Ferguson. And when their violence, stoked by top leftist politicians and pundits, culminated in their own murdering police officers around the nation, they doubled-down on the narrative that they were the victims, screaming that their murders now put them in danger of “backlash.”

And this is their end game. Leftists and Muslims have crossed the line from natural evil into supernatural evil. They have convinced themselves that they are the victims of unprecedented oppression and wickedness with every act of oppression and evil they commit. This makes them completely irrational foes and a true national security threat. And once one understands this truth, he understands what it means for the future: we are in for a lot more violence and brutality as these allies escalate their War on Good.

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Paul Hair
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