ET TU SOTU? Barack Obama Speaks

Written by Suzanne Olden on January 21, 2015

Full disclosure, I didn’t watch the State of the Union Address. I rarely do. I certainly don’t watch it when doing so will have my blood pressure through the roof as I yell at the TV every 5 seconds. I knew that the speech would be something along the lines of “Blah, blah, blah tax the rich; blah, blah, blah, I’m fabulous; blah, blah, blah, I made the world safer; blah, blah, blah, Bush’s fault; blah, blah, blah, Republicans are the root of all evil and I’ll use my pen more; blah, blah, blah, white people are all racist; blah, blah, blah…”

As it turns out, I was pretty much dead on. I was reading a few points about the speech, and have a few truth bombs to throw at Obama.

1. Obama claimed, “Our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. Our unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis.” What he, and all others who point to low unemployment figures continue to ignore is that people who ran out their unemployment benefits without finding any new employment don’t count into unemployment figures. Currently there are somewhere north of 92 million Americans who aren’t working, but want to be, and can’t find jobs. They also ignore the fact that there are 1.7 million fewer workers with full-time jobs than when the recession began in December 2007. That certainly doesn’t spell “growing” economy.

2. Loved this little gem: Obama claimed our deficits are “shrinking.” The debt clock is currently at $18,094,504,629,567 and climbing faster than I can keep up in typing to change my numbers (see it here). That means, by definition, that we have a DEFICIT in money coming in (taxes) and what the idiots in Washington keep spending.

3. As a parent of one college student and another who will be in a year and a half, the next piece of spew from his mouth should sound like a good idea, but as most people with working brain cells know, nothing is free! “I am sending this Congress a bold new plan to lower the cost of community college – to zero,” Obama said. Zero? Really? Nothing in life is free, someone, somewhere has to pay and it turns out that it’s, again, “the rich.” His “bold new plan” is done at the expense of people who can save for college (by taxing what are supposed to be tax free 529 college savings plans) and will actually cost the treasury an estimated $60 billion over 10 years.

4. Where to even begin with this one: “In Iraq and Syria, American leadership, including our military power, is stopping ISIL’s advance. Instead of getting dragged into another ground war in the Middle East, we are leading a broad coalition, including Arab nations, to degrade and ultimately destroy this terrorist group.” Wait, what??? Last I saw, ISIS is plowing across the Middle East like a snow plow in a blizzard. They have swallowed up an entire country and are still advancing. Not to mention they killed or chased every single Christian from an area of Iraq that has been Christian since, well, almost Christ! The ground gained and influence of ISIS has grown exponentially under Obama’s “leadership”, and given what just happened in Paris, saying what he did should have made all mouths gape in awe of his stupidity.

5. But it gets better! He gave himself a big old pat on the back about how he has been fighting terrorism… fighting it? He can’t even bring himself to say the word! So when he said he has made great strides in “assisting people everywhere … who stand up to extremism” I’m thinking there were a lot of TV screens that needed drinks wiped off of them. Probably starting with Netanyahu’s.

6. And, of course, the race card HAD to be thrown down. Obama insinuated that Michael Brown’s death was the result of Darren Wilson “harassing” him. Stating that poor black folks can’t even walk down the street without being “harassed”, he ignores evidentiary facts. So let’s review, shall we? Michael Brown, an 18-year-old with a very lengthy criminal record, was walking in the middle of the street after committing a strong-arm robbery at a Ferguson convenience store. Darren Wilson, a white police officer, stopped him because he fit the description that was given for the suspect. Brown, who had drugs in his system at the time, didn’t listen to Wilson’s instructions and instead charged him, assaulted him, tried to take his gun, fired it inside the police car, got away from him, charged at Wilson again. Wilson then fired the weapon and killed him. All facts borne out by evidence, not just questionable testimony. I’d call trying to take a police officer’s weapon to kill him harassment, wouldn’t you? But it was white killing black, so it’s automatically racism, you hateful bigots, and he DESERVED being called on it a SOTU address.

So much for the President who would unite us all. No other President has been even half as divisive as this one. From “tax the rich, they never pay their fair share!” to “if I had a son he’d look like ______” (fill in the dead black boy du jour), while conveniently ignoring facts. As long as I can get protesters to block streets, keep people from getting to hospitals and others to work, and incite them to kill police officers, I’ve done my job, says Obama.

Can someone please, please, please shut him down? Congress? Anyone?? Two more years is two years too long!



Suzanne Reisig Olden is a Catholic Christian, Conservative, married mother of two, who loves God, family and country in that order. She lives northwest of Baltimore, in Carroll County, Maryland. She graduated from Villa Julie College/Stevenson University with a BS in Paralegal Studies and works as a paralegal for a franchise company, specializing in franchise law and intellectual property. Originally from Baltimore, and after many moves, she came home to raise her son and daughter, now high school and college aged, in her home state. Suzanne also writes for The Firebreathing Conservative website ( and hopes you'll come visit there as well for even more discussion of conservative issues.