‘I HOPE YOU BOTH CATCH A FIST TO THE FACE’ : Kid Rock Rips Seth Rogen and Michael Moore

Published on January 22, 2015

The Kid crushes these two Hollywood whiners who whizzed on American Sniper.

Kid Rock is making sure his fans know exactly where he stands on the controversy surrounding box office champ ‘American Sniper’ with a profanity-laden tirade aimed at the film’s critics.

The Clint Eastwood film profiles Chris Kyle, a U.S. Navy SEAL who was described as the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.

While critical reviews have been generally positive and the movie has been nominated for Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Actor, it has also drawn fire for being jingoistic or propaganda for the U.S. military.

Actor Seth Rogen and filmmaker Michael Moore have been made controversial statements about the film on Twitter.

CBS Detroit notes that Kid Rock has responded in a post on his site titled ‘AMERICAN SNIPER, MICHAEL MOORE AND SETH ROGAN (sic).’

Rock writes: ‘F— you Michael Moore, you’re a piece of s— and your uncle would be ashamed of you. Seth Rogen, your uncle probably molested you. I hope both of you catch a fist to the face soon.

‘God bless you Chris Kyle, Thank you for your service.’

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