‘MALE FEMINIST’: 30-Something Columnist’s Dream Date

Written by Teri O'Brien on January 8, 2015

As I have observed often, the Left’s world view is at war with reality, common sense, and centuries of human experience. The unfortunate reality is that at least one, and probably two generations, exposed to government schools and the slough of filth and immorality that we call our “popular culture,” have absorbed this wrongheaded and dangerous ideology by osmosis. They don’t even realize that their craniums have been topped off with this toxic brain-destroying stew.

They also don’t realize that when they start regurgitating the tired clichés that delighted their intellectually-stunted professors, smart people will have one of two reactions. The more charitable among us will remind ourselves that liberals are like children, who have the luxury believing a lot of foolishness because there are still a few grown ups around, and hope that they outgrow it. Other astute observers will just assume that they are demented, try not to burst out in laughter, and hope that they get the treatment they need.

Of course, not only are liberals like children. The liberalism that has infected our society from top to bottom has sadly infantilized our society, as evidence by a recent piece, which apparently is supposed to be taken seriously, in the Washington Post. The title is “How to find a feminist boyfriend,” authored by 30-something single, Lisa Bonos.

The whole thing reads like satire, but I’m certain it’s intended to be dead serious. When Ms. Bonos writes “But how do you spot a male feminist if he’s not at an abortion rights rally wearing a ‘This Is What a Feminist Looks Like’ T-shirt?” I don’t think she’s making an attempt at comedy, as unintentionally hilarious as that sentence is. She means it.

Stop and wrap your mind around that. When this unmarried woman conjures up a mental image of her dream date, it’s some wussified doofus wearing a T-shirt with a dopey, stupid cliché plastered across the front, at an abortion rights rally? Lisa, will he ask to borrow your panties? Oh, I forgot. “Panties” is on that list of words that feminists don’t use, for the reasons described here. 

At one point in this ridiculous column, she explains how she developed her philosophy of “feminist dating,” by which she means making the first move, without allowing any icky “gender roles” to stand in her way. Appropriately, it started in middle school. She writes:

My feminist dating story starts in my sixth-grade classroom, as I watched my first major crush, Chris, ask my best friend, Erica, if she would “go out” with him. (Not on a specific date, of course; this was just 1990s low-key lingo for “Will you be my girlfriend?”) She said yes. The whole class was watching and cheering him on, probably because none of us had seen a boy ask a girl out before and wanted to see how it was done. But I was devastated.

I resolved right then that the next time I liked someone, I was going to make it clear. I’ve refined my approach over the years, so I’m not haphazardly confessing crushes. But if I want to spend time with someone and see if there’s something there, I’m comfortable initiating a first date — or a non-date date, depending on how bold I’m feeling.

Way to go, Lisa! You go, Girl! Wait …for a second there, I thought she was still in sixth grade. Embracing all of this feminist pap about “gender roles” being imposed on us by our troglodyte parents, who gave us Barbies and painted our rooms pink, is a stage I would expect an 11 year-old to pass through. A 30-something woman, who is already well past her peak childbearing years, should have left this foolishness behind long ago. Liberalism breeds arrested development. 

Ms. Bonos, like many women her age, has swallowed the whole “feminist” routine, and retains her belief in it, as she demonstrates when she recites the group-think banalities of the brainwashed:

“[E]veryone’s a feminist now. Unless you think Beyonce shouldn’t have the right to vote, should earn 23 percent less than Jay-Z and should be at home cooking rather than performing. And who would think that?”

It’s easy to mock this woman as sounding like a half-wit, but behind this piece’s laughable aspect, is a darker reality, one that threatens to destroy our civil society.

Radical feminists claim to be all about things with which almost no one would disagree; that is “pay equity”, which has been the law since the 1960’s, equal rights and opportunity for women. The reality is that radical feminists are hostile to women’s basic nature, and to the nuclear family, which they want to destroy. They view marriage as servitude and subjugation to “the patriarchy,” and as their poisonous philosophy has spread that into our society’s blood stream, the results have been disastrous: illegitimacy, divorce and the misery of the children who grow up without fathers. 

I am sure that Ms. Bonos is a well-intentioned person who doesn’t realize that she is walking around like an indoctrinated zombie, her brain numbed by years of propaganda and Leftist lies. I strongly suspect that the cure, the thing that will snap her back to sanity, will be dating that goof in the dippy T-shirt, so let’s pray that she finds him before it’s too late.

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