PHOTO OP TO NOWHERE: Paris Anti-Islamic Terror March

Written by Audrey Russo on January 14, 2015

The interesting thing about our inter-active, hashtag-tweeting, one-hit wonder culture: The only thing they accomplish is stroking their ego as they pad their life’s resume. In other words…

They accomplish NOTHING…

So, estimates say that between 3-4 million Europeans, including 40 world leaders (and Fatah terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas) attended the rally against “radical” Islamic terrorism.

President Obama, who doesn’t believe anyone who insults Islam’s prophet should see the future…sent no one to represent the US (now, some may speculate that was a statement that he sides with the terrorists, but I digress…).

How successful was their “look at me in my Je suis Charlie selfie” effort? While they were posting “Je suis Charlie”, Islamic terrorists Boko Haram slaughtered 2,000 in a Nigerian town. PLUS, six other deadly Islamic acts took place globally.

Je suis Futility…oui, oui

Indeed…it’s a photo op to nowhere, because the West is dealing with an archenemy that cannot be scolded, scared or stopped by a parade.

The Islamic threat is as serious as a heart attack…and a few low dose aspirin will not lesson the threat.

This ideology commands the actions they are now taking globally, and their zeal will close the deal, with the help of useful idiots:

— Killing Jews (as we have seen in the Parisian Kosher market) and Christians (throughout the Middle East and Africa) — from Quran 4:91, Quran 5:9, Quran 2:191-2, Quran 9:6.
— Beheading unbelievers — Quran 5:33, Quran 8:12, Quran 47:4, Quran 9:123, Quran 5:45, Quran 2:193, Quran 9:29 & Quran 8:17.
— Death for Insulting Muhammed — Quran 33:57, 61.

This not an Obamaism: “If you like your free speech, you can keep your free speech”…there is absolutely NO free speech in Islam.

A march is nice for the cameras, but it’s what’s done behind the cameras that develops the character necessary to fight tyrannical ideologies like Islam. Our ancestors did it with the Nazis…

…it’s OUR turn with the tyrannical ideology of Islam.

Shalom through strength…



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