SLAUGHTERED FOR MOCKING MOHAMMED: Here’s The Murdered Man Who Didn’t Back Down From Paris Jihadists

Published on January 7, 2015

Ballsy dude. RIP.

The editor of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo whose Paris offices were attacked by gunmen today had a bounty put on his head by Al Qaeda in 2013.

Stephane Charbonnier was pictured in Al-Qaeda magazine Inspire on a list of nine men Al Qaeda was targetting, along with the caption ‘a bullet a day keeps the infidel away’.

The list was published after Hebdo printed a cartoon booklet showing the Prophet Mohammed, along with a note explaining that the images were ‘halal’ as they had been worked on by Muslims.

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The magazine also had its offices burned to the ground in 2011 after again publishing cartoons of the Islamic holy figure.

Its Paris offices were attacked today by two gunmen wielding rocket launchers and Kalashnikov rifles, leaving at least 12 dead including journalists and police officers.

While it is not yet known who is responsible for the attacks, witnesses report hearing the men shouting ‘the Prophet has been avenged’ before fleeing towards the city’s east.

They remain on the run and have been filmed shooting their way through Paris in a stolen car.

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