SLIMY: Watch Muslim Leaders Refuse to Let Fox News in at ‘Open Press’ Muslim Conference

Published on January 20, 2015

Only a “certain type of media” was allowed in. What could they possibly have to hide, right?

This week, O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to Garland, Texas, in an attempt to attend the ‘Defend the Prophet’ conference.

A meeting of various Muslim groups, the conference was marked by a cloak of secrecy as the selected press entities allowed in were only permitted to cover it for only a short time.

Watters and his team were not allowed in.

“They revoked my ticket as I landed in Dallas,” Watters later told host Bill O’Reilly.

Outside the convention center, Watters spoke with an organizer about his rescinded press credential.

“Did you fill out the media form?” the man asked.

“Yes, and I bought tickets too, personally, and now they’re saying I can’t go in,” Watters told him.

“There’s [only] a certain type of media allowed,” the man said.

Watters then asked a local police officer about his situation.

“They can’t ban [media] from being at a conference,” he said.

“They rented out [the center],” the policeman responded.

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