TED CRUZ: Senator Joseph McCarthy Reincarnated?

Published on January 20, 2015

by James R. Rogers
Clash Daily Contributor

The other day, with my nose planted firmly to the grindstone of my internet browser searching for anything newsworthy or controversial, I stumbled upon a you tube video of Chris Matthews of Hardball. Not one of my favorite commentators. In this video, a compilation of his statements over a period of time, he compared Senator Ted Cruz to Senator Joseph McCarthy 31 times. Chris Matthews is younger than I so I wonder where he got all his Joe McCarthy history. Wherever he got it he surely got it wrong.

I remember Senator McCarthy because in the 1950’s we had a 10 inch black and white Crosley television that received ABC, CBS, and NBC. We watched a lot of news. We were in the cold war with Russia and there was much concern that Communists had infiltrated our country and places of government and industry to spy and in effect try and gain some influence in our political system. As well as I remember, Senator McCarthy spent close to four years investigating various government and entertainment industries searching for card carrying communists.

As early as 1951, the entertainment industry produced a television series entitled I Was a Communist for the FBI about an FBI agent who was a communist plant who infiltrated various American communist organizations. Such was the fear that prevailed the American citizens during the cold war.

His investigation did not go well for him. While he suspected about 130 persons in government positions in Washington, DC and the entertainment industry of being members of the communist party, or at least sympathizers, he was not able to get any substantial evidence against them.

Eventually it was CBS Newsman Edward R. Murrow who took him down with his report that he was out of touch with reality of the times. Senator McCarthy broadcast charges against Murrow on a program similar to Face the Nation. He was not wrong but just unable to get enough evidence to prove his accusations.

To quote from The Telegraph of the United Kingdom:

But back in the real world, there certainly were spies. A new book, Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America by John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr and Alexander Vassiliev, tells us quite how many. It offers further proof that Soviet infiltration in the US was vast. The most important revelation in the book is the remarkable number of prewar and wartime Americans – over 500, from a great variety of backgrounds – who assisted Soviet intelligence.

I think we owe Senator Joseph McCarthy a belated apology for not taking him more serious. He died at age 49, a broken man for what his colleagues put him through.

Are there any communists in the United States today. Just look around, watch the news, use your search engine for communists and socialists, you will find plenty. You can go here to read the TEN PLANKS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. I couldn’t calculate the number of communists now living in the United States hoping to change this country to a socialist or communist state and place all factories and instruments of production owned by the State. (Sixth Plank). Of course all these planks were written by Karl Marx in 1848 and have probably been more modernized, but the idea of socialism and/or communism around the world is pretty much the same.

To quote Ayn Rand: “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except the end: Communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

We’ve got North Korea to look at, China to look at and Russia to look at for examples of how the failed system is working for them. In North Korea there is a quick death penalty for dissidents or anyone who displeases Kim Jun-un. The people are starving and living below poverty. China has a system where the Elite own the businesses and the workers get very low wages while the Elitists get rich. Russia is not quiet so bad under Vladimir Putin but it is still no bed of roses for its citizens who are told where to work, how much they will be paid and stand in line at the supermarkets to get their food each week.

Now back to Senator Ted Cruz. I have never heard him mention communists or socialists in the United States. His only fault is that he is a conservative Tea Party Republican who wants to uphold the constitution and make America a better place for the people. He has ten points which I found that he espouses:

1. We must embrace a big pro-jobs, growth agenda.
2. We need to do everything humanly possible to repeal Obama care.
3. We need to finally secure the border and stop Obama’s amnesty.
4. We need to hold government accountable and rein in judicial activism.
5. It’s time to stop the culture of corruption in Washington.
6. We need to pass fundamental tax reform, making taxes flatter, simpler, and fairer and abolish The IRS.
7. We need to audit the Fed,
8. It is long past time for us to pass a strong balanced budget amendment.
9. We need to get the federal government out of the business of dictating educational standards.
10. We’ve got to deal seriously with the twin threats of ISIL and a nuclear Iran.

That doesn’t sound like anything Senator Joseph McCarthy said to me.


James RogersJames Rogers is retired from 37 years of Newspaper/printing and publishing and has written and edited a lot of copy during those decades. He currently blogs and writes short stories for his entertainment and to keep his mind sharp. James Rogers is retired from 37 years of Newspaper/printing and publishing and has written and edited a lot of copy during those decades. He currently blogs and writes short stories for his entertainment and to keep his mind sharp.