‘AMERICAN SNIPER’: Told Friend His Killer Was ‘Nuts’ Before Being Shot

Text messages prove that Chris Kyle knew Eddie Ray Routh was crazy before being shot by him at the Texas gun range.

Phone calls and texts will play an important part in the trial. Routh is hoping to be found not guilty by reason of insanity.

As the three men drove to the shooting range, Kyle texted his pal Littlefield, sitting right next to him in the front of the pickup truck, about their edgy passenger in the back seat: “This dude is straight up nuts,” defense lawyer Tim Moore said, quoting the text in his opening statement.

“He’s sitting right behind me. Watch my six,” Littlefield replied in a return text, using military parlance for “Watch my back.”

Moore plans to use the texts, along with testimony by doctors and medical experts, to prove that Routh suffered a mental illness and did not know his conduct was wrong at the time he gunned down the two men.

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