CHARLIE SHEEN: ‘I’m A Constitutional Republican’

Published on February 12, 2015

Another Hollywood star comes out; and they’re proud about it.

The Washington Times

Actor Charlie Sheen says he considers himself a “constitutional Republican” and that he’d like to use his celebrity to run for president.

“When I say to people, ‘Hey what if I run for president?’ it’s 100 percent,” Mr. Sheen said in a segment of the comedy show ‘The Flipside,’ offering a platform that includes a flat tax of 10 percent and the placement of skilled veterans in front of schools to protect students.

The comedian shared his political aspirations with host Michael Loftus, a comedian who shows the ‘flipside’ of pop-culture, news and commentary.

“Everybody relax– that should be a rule,” Mr. Sheen said, adding that “It’s important to put the constitution back in place.”

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