CAN OF WHUP ASS: Comedian Hammers White Liberals’ ‘Paternal’ Racism

Published on February 26, 2015

Jim Norton calls out liberals for the racism in their own lives. Check it out…

One issue that particularly frustrates Norton is the “paternalistic” racism of white liberals.

“A lot of racism is paternalism,” he said. “A lot of people hide their own racism because they treat blacks, minorities and other groups like children because deep down they feel superior and better than these people. And they don’t feel like they should just treat a guy like a guy.”

He continued: “So they feel like, ‘I need to speak for you, and I need to speak for you, and I need to think for you, and I need judge you different in language and in morals than I judge other people of my race. It’s embarrassing.”

Norton then answered the initial question of whether he was racist, to which he responded, “I know I’m not — and I have nothing to hide with that stuff. That’s why I’m comfortable speaking about it.”

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