EVOLUTIONARY HANG-UP: Evolution Requires ‘Faith’ Too

Written by Noreen O'Brien on February 15, 2015

The other day in an interview in London, Scott Walker was asked about evolution, his answer was that he was there to talk about trade. Although I’m glad he didn’t allow himself to be side tracked by the interviewer and later aired as picked apart sound bites, part of me wished he had spoken up. I mean what is the left’s obsession with evolution?? Why do they only ask Christians or those on the right their opinions?? Christians almost never ask how the left feels about Christianity.

I just finished watching Evolution’s Achilles Heel and if you want to know what you missed while you slept through Biology class this is the movie to see. The film goes into great detail about the faults of the evolutionist theory, it exposes all the holes and it’s very easy to understand. Unfortunately the movie doesn’t go quite far enough — it should also punch out every Darwinist and throw them out of all laboratories, universities and government! Evolution is, in my opinion, the most dangerous theory being taught today, and after watching this movie I’ve come to some realizations of my own.

First, the left or Darwinists need reassurance. They are never happy unless everyone is sharing their views no matter how miserable or in this case hopeless they might be. They need validation, and where better to get it than a Christian or someone on the right because, If they can bring one or two over to the dark side, well score one for their messiah.

Second, evolution fits in with their end game, to do away with the weak and infirm. Remember when abortion after the third month was illegal? What has it now evolved into? Now you can murder a baby late term or even as it’s being born — it’s evolved into justified murder. It’s every women’s right, don’t you know. And this can only happen if God is out of the picture and evolution rules because morality cannot come from Natural Law, no pond scum or primordial soup can dictate ethics.

Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, says that unborn babies with Down Syndrome need to be aborted, that it would be immoral to bring “it” into the world if you have a choice. He never says when it’s ok to protect a life, it just depends when it’s convenient for the woman.

And the other day, when a feminist claimed she aborted a baby because it was a boy, she called “it” a curse to the world. She made the decision after sitting next to a man on a plane who allegedly insulted her. His words violated both her feelings and her trust, so naturally she had to abort and it was all that man’s fault! She also stated the experience of abortion was liberating and would do it again if pregnant with a boy. So all we need is for Darwinists or leftists to make a law based on some silly notion that the fetus isn’t a baby and voila!— it evolves.

Only an evolutionist could conceive of lifeless primordial ooze, without a single amino acid, as life, but an embryo as a bunch of tissue and not life! This from people who thought 98% of DNA was junk and served no purpose; just ask Obama’s science czar.

Thirdly, there is a movement to legalize assisted suicide in two dozen states, the “Death with Dignity” movement. How many hops, skips and jumps do you think it will take before that movement expands into killing the handicapped?? Look at abortion. The “End of Life Act”. Again, the left having to get everyone involved to be validated. There is no dignity in death, it’s death! And how about spending this much energy on life, how about giving people hope for their end instead of rushing to make death comfortable for them? People with hope seldom want to die, but I forgot evolution has no hope.

The left is a death cult which uses evolution to back every sick and twisted agenda they can come up with and most wouldn’t know the Bible predicts these events. These people who once taught us that we evolved from apes because there is a 2% difference in our DNA, but they won’t tell you that 2% is still 60 million letters in the genomic coding. We’re common design but not common ancestry!

They won’t tell you that for years scientists have been trying to recreate life from a primordial soup and even with all of our modern equipment and all the time and money spent, they get nothing but mud. Panspermia is more viable than evolution.

There is no evidence anywhere of evolution. No archaeologist has ever found traces of a primordial puddle. There are no cave drawings or paintings, no fossils, no rock to say we came from a lifeless stew. Why? There is no transitional evidence anywhere. But in Isaiah you’ll find that God stretched out the universe, something no-one could have known back then. And archaeologists are always finding a new relic here and there proving stories of the Bible. Why science has even proven that the biblical flood happened. But no evidence of evolution. To believe in it would take the faith of a mustard seed.

Some faiths believe both religion and the theory of evolution can coexist. I wonder if they know Mao and Hitler were both Darwinists and look at what happened there. Oh, and look what’s starting to happen here all in the name of science.

If you look into the brain of an evolutionist or leftist after you machete the cobwebs and move the pea you’ll find no space for faith unless it’s lurking behind denial. It takes faith to believe in something other than abiogenesis, just a big word for crap.

It’s so much easier for an evolutionist to try to disprove God exists than to look at how evolution fails as a theory on all fronts. I mean evolution and the primordial soup is a perfect way to rebel against the Creator.

I do have one question though: Who made the soup?

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Noreen O'Brien
Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.