GLENN BECK MAKES A START BUT … the Truth, the Problems, and the Solutions

Published on February 15, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

Politicians don’t want you to know the truth. Since Knowledge is power, keeping you in ignorance is a way to extend their power/control over you.
The public doesn’t want to know the truth, because they can’t handle the truth. If they knew the truth they would have to do something about it instead of committing slow suicide. Slow, but gathering speed so fast that soon they won’t be able to stop it even if they wake up.
Glenn Beck talks about the problem and tries to define the problem, but admits that he doesn’t know the solution. I am very good at solutions.
Let me tell you that solutions are easy, it’s identifying the problem that’s hard. Problem – People don’t know how to do their job. Solution – give them training. Problem – people know how to do their job, but don’t do it. Solution – motivate them – I prefer the management philosophy of KITA ( Kick-In-The-A** ) myself with rewards for exceeding minimum expectations. Problem – people know their jobs, have been given appropriate motivation, but still don’t do the job. Solution — fire poorest performers and replace them with new people. If this doesn’t motivate the others – lather, rinse, repeat. There are other possible steps — for example they may not have the proper tools to do the job . . . etc.
So what has Glenn Beck done to help ? He has started a path. . . politicians don’t do their jobs because they are more interested in power and in getting re-elected than in solving the problems. Why ? People don’t hold their feet to the fire and make them do their jobs. His initial solution – educate the people that they are the source of Congress’ power. This is a slow moving process that has obtained “some small results”.

Problem – bad congressmen continue to get elected by lying to the public and ignoring the public’s wishes. Solution – Term limits, elect Representatives who say they will respond to the will of the people ( See representatives lie to get elected ). For example, Will Hurd was elected as a conservative reform candidate but betrayed his constituents on his very first vote by voting to re-elect John O’boehner as squeaker of the mouse.
Putting it in a simple statement: Once you have identified the problem, the solution(s) are easy and usually obvious.  Our forefathers recognized the need for periodic rebellions, and their genius was in providing for a non-violent way to have/accommodate these rebellions. They called them elections. They divided our government into three branches like a milking stool with three legs, so that as long as the legs maintained equality the stool would be stable. If any leg becomes way too short or long the stool will not be stable. Our current stool of government has two legs that have grown way too long. Both the executive and the judicial legs have grown too long and must be pruned. Unfortunately the congressional leg of the stool has grown way too thick instead of long, and the tops of the executive and judicial legs, while not too high to be pruned by the legislative leg, can’t be pruned as long as the Congress accepts bribes to stay in power and subsequently lacks the willpower or the gumption to do their elected duty.
One could perhaps say damn the three legs of the stool, revolution will come, eventually. The longer it takes to have this revolution, the worse the revolution will be on the people.  The people already carry a crushing debt load and their currency is set to collapse. There is a coming war against the cult of Islam, which if history is any judge, the people will lack the willpower and the currency to resist.

Already, there would have to be massive changes to avoid collapse. To find the funds for the coming war ( which may or may not lead to Armageddon ) Federal Welfare must be abandoned as unaffordable. Food stamps must be abandoned to both save money and to provide a pool of soldiers. They will fight when they become hungry enough.
Our current government doesn’t trust the people to make any decisions to abate our dire straights, and thus keeps them out of the loop of both the information needed to make an intelligent decision, and provides a circus-circus to keep the people too preoccupied to think about and resolve the problems. In my opinion, it’s probably already too late, as I doubt that people will have the fortitude to make decisions until there are no choices left to make.
I could still be hopeful that after the coming collapse the country could be rebuilt by going back to it’s Constitutional foundations. Unfortunately the progressives have been busy changing History so that most of the people no longer know what’s true and what isn’t. They are dismantling our educational system. What was required to graduate High School 130-140 years ago would now get you through college, except for its revised histories and lack of standards ( called Common Core).
This brings us in a round about way to the conclusion that a collapse is inevitable and a reset won’t occur within the context of a Republic as history will be changed enough that the “people” will no longer remember how a proper Republic should function.

There is yet a way out in the form of an Article V Convention to restrict the power of the executive and judicial branches and put term limits and dollar limits on the Congressional branch.  I do believe that this is the last chance to have a non-combative revolution to change the course of our government. Perhaps a 4th leg of the stool is needed – a citizens committee to consider criminal charges against all government office holders suspected of wrongdoing. Sort of a “Peoples” Grand Jury.
What say you, Mr. Beck, how do you identify the problem( s ). I accord Mr. Beck the courtesy of calling him Mister in recognition of his efforts to teach and reach/struggle for solutions. I trust that he will afford me the title of Mister either 1.) because he respects my efforts; or 2.) because I earned the title in service to our country by nature of my rank.
Yankees visit Texas, “Damn Yankees” stay.
Lord, I ask for your guidance both for myself and for my country, neither of which will work properly without your blessings. In Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.


mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….