FOUR-WAY-STOP-SIGN DEBACLE! Aka, Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants

Written by ++++Allen on February 14, 2015

Have you ever seen the YouTube videos of bad drivers, which are mostly filmed in China, Brazil or Russia? No, I’m not saying that driving in the Democrat dominated Houston area is all that bad…yet. But that is another article or two.

I live in a mostly immigrant part of town. Code phrase for “not a well to do area.” Not by a long shot! We are in a single story wood siding neighborhood, not one of the stately two story brick homes of the well–er -to-do Houstonite. When I drive thru those more hoity-toity areas – which there are many of — traffic flows like melted butter on a hot Houston day. It’s a pleasure to drive there, because people know and understand how the hell to drive!

Boy, can you ever tell by the drivers. The illegal immigrants are the easiest to pick out because they drive like turtles, but at least they are easy to pass. Now there is a new breed of Houstonian driver, most likely due to the Obama government passing out driver’s licenses (d.l.) willy-nilly to every unqualified Tom, Dick and Harry from around the globe; one can only assume the situation on our roads will become worse and worse.

Of course this is nothing new. We lived in Hawaii for 10 years, where all immigration came from the east. Most of which should have not been allowed on the road …period!

Hey you, global Tom, Dick and Harry, didn’t you have to learn about the right-of-way policy for stop signs at the local American department of motor vehicles? Didn’t you have to take a written test and a driving test?

The four-way-stop-sign is now for me a dreaded driving experience here in the Islamic-Nigerian- Bollywood-Balkans area of Houston. Here when cars come up to the four-way-stop-sign – at least they know to stop — they sit there and stare at the other cars who are also just sitting there, staring and waiting. Goooo, goooooo, for goodness sake someone go! Or laughing out loud, the driver who sits at a four-way-stop waiting for another car to come along so that they can finally go…hahahhhaaa (I have seen this several times.)

I’m living in a driver’s hell.



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