INDIFFERENT OR INTENTIONAL: Obama’s Blind Indifference to Islamic Terror

Published on February 21, 2015

One would think that time after time of refusing to utter the words, “Islamic terror”, Obama might just be intentional is his persistent blindness to it.

By Wesley Pruden – The Washington Times

The threat of radical Islamic terrorism is so clear and plain that even a president could see it. But Barack Obama is blind, deaf or indifferent, and maybe all three, and determined to keep himself that way.

At his White House conference on “extremism” — where it came from and where it wants to go left carefully unsaid — he proposed “building a global partnership” to “show the world the power of peaceful communities instead of extremist violence.” This is a reprise of the War on Poverty from the previous century, a “Jobs for ISIS” approach as set out earlier in the week by an ignorant spokeswoman for the State Department.

The president sometimes insists he’s willing to shoot somebody if that’s what it takes to deal with the growing worldwide plague of gangster religion, but so far he can’t find a suitable somebody to shoot. He can’t see the Islamic terror that everybody else sees. The president is big on the transforming game, but transforming Islamic terror, whose name the president dares not speak, into a branch of the League of Women Voters is a task far beyond even his magic powers.

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