JIHADI BRIDES: British Cops Hunt for 3 Teen ‘Straight-A’ Schoolgirls Thought To Have Fled To Join ISIS

Published on February 21, 2015

What in the world could possibly attract young girls to join these gruesome monsters? These chicks are gonna have some major regrets.

Strolling through Gatwick, these are the ‘naive’ teenage girls who flew out of the UK to join jihadists in Syria.

The trio were at the centre of an international hunt last night after being captured on airport CCTV.

Scotland Yard was facing questions over how the girls – aged 15 and 16 – were able to board a flight to Turkey unchallenged, despite having no parent or guardian with them.

They are now believed to be travelling overland to Syria to marry jihadi fighters. But police hope heavy snowfall may have prevented them from travelling all the way.

Last night there were growing calls to tighten up security checks on youngsters flying out of the UK. Up to 550 young Britons are thought to have made the journey to join Islamic State.

It is understood the three girls – all straight-A pupils – were lured to Syria via social media by a school friend who is already there.

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