ABORTION LOVERS THROW MOLOTOV COCKTAIL: At Pro-Life Group That Was Praying at Austin Planned Parenthood

What says you love abortion and supposedly women more than throwing a flaming glass bottle at people who are praying?

AUSTIN, Texas — The Austin Police Department arrested a woman last night after a “Molotov cocktail” was thrown at pro-life activists praying outside of an Austin Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

A Molotov cocktail is a type of homemade incendiary device usually incorporating gasoline, a breakable glass bottle, and a wick that is lit before the device is thrown.

According to a report by LifeNews.com, volunteers with the pro-life groups Central Texas Coalition for Life and 40 Days for Life were praying outside the abortion facility in South Austin when the woman drove up and threw the Molotov cocktail at them.

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Fortunately, one of the volunteers quickly stomped out the flames and no one was injured. The volunteers wrote down the woman’s license plate and reported it to the police.

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