HIT JOB: Dallas Morning News Slams Anti-Sharia Law Texas Mayor

Published on March 24, 2015

The Texas Mayor that stood up to ban Sharia Law is under fire from the press. These two question show how she might even be targeted personally.

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In an interview with The Blaze, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne noted that she’s going to be the subject of a Dallas Morning News profile and has “never seen this type of questioning” from the media in 11 years in public office.

Among the questions  the Morning News wanted answered were the usual topics covered by a local paper – greatest accomplishments in office, the status of various projects – but there were two that really stood out.

They’re not questions that come up in the normal course of business for most elected officials.

“Do you have full custody of your children? (Are you a full-time parent, in other words?)”

“I believe you’ve been in a relationship for a few years now. Could you tell me a little about your partner/boyfriend?”

Van Duyne told The Blaze she was “absolutely” taken by surprise. What could her custodial relationship to her children have to do with her performance as mayor?

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