BEFORE BUYING A USED GUN: 5 Things You Gotta Do To Avoid Getting Screwed

Published on March 23, 2015

If you’re looking to buy a used gun instead of a new one, there are some cautions that you should take when shopping around. Check it out…

By Daniel Xu, Outdoor Hub

1. Research who you’re buying the gun from

Whether you’re buying online or in person, be sure to do some research on who exactly is selling you the gun. This is easiest when you already know the person, but that is not always the case.

2. Google it

So you found a gun you might like, but you know relatively little about it. Perhaps it’s a foreign-made firearm, or just one of those strange, exotic ones like the Dardick pistol. You don’t know how much you should pay for it, how many were made, or if the gun is known to be a joke. This is the easiest step: Google it.

3. Ask Questions

Questions like who was the previous owner? How much was it used? What was the gun used for? How old is it? Why are they selling it? Was it ever customized?

4. Examine the gun

The most important part of buying a used gun: examine it as thoroughly as you are allowed.

5. Barter before you pay

You want to pay as little as possible, the seller wants as much as he can get. Meet somewhere in the middle. Armed with the research you’ve done on the gun (and the seller) you are now in a good position to negotiate a price.

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