MYSTERY MAN: Our Shadowy President

Written by Larry Usoff on March 23, 2015

Time for more tidbits.:   Obama…the prince of darkness.   Nearly everything about this man is dark…shadowed…hidden.   Take any private citizen off the street and, within 48 hours, I could almost guarantee that everything in his background would be known.   The current occupant of the White House is the opposite of that…hardly anything is known because his past has been sealed up tighter than a size 40 waist in a pair of pants that are size 36.   There have been deaths, some under mysterious circumstances, during his time in the Oval Office. Once out of the realm of plausibility, the idea of a military coup seems to be gathering strength, if my emails are to be believed.

Should the unthinkable occur, that is, to put many thousands of our troops back in Iraq, they will be facing their own equipment, left behind because it was too expensive to bring back to the United States.   In addition to equipment, there are uniforms, so I’m told, and we would have more “green on blue” murders.   Repeating an earlier warning, if you’re American, don’t turn your back on a so-called friendly.  The call has gone out that if large, symbolic, attacks are not possible then be a random, lone wolf, and kill whichever American you can, when, where, and how you do it.

Recently the Prime Minister of Israel spoke to a joint session of Congress.  Without revealing anything that might not already have been known, he made it clear that Israel and the United States are definitely in the crosshairs.   When, not if, Iran gets a nuclear weapon, coupled with an intercontinental missile, there will be few places on earth that will be safe.   It was apparent to me that Israel would go it alone, if they had to, in order to survive.   Reinforced, underground, nuclear plants would have to have a bunker-buster type of bomb, maybe even a small nuclear weapon, to shut them down.   It’s not too far-fetched to say that we might be in the early stages of World War 3 because the surrounding countries will want their own nuclear weapons and it will be an arms race like no other.

Speaking of arms…where in the Constitution does it say that the federal government has the right to ban any sort of firearms, or ammunition?   Anyone that has read the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, must come away thinking that these documents have been shunted aside in favor of a quasi-dictatorship, very close to what we fought the Revolutionary War against!   At what point in our history did We The People cede our freedoms to We The Government?   In the present administration there are too many wimps, go-alongs, and I-must-be-re-electeds for my tastes.  If we cannot adhere to the original thoughts of the Founding Fathers, then someone has to answer why not?

So much good was written into those three documents that it might be considered heresy to want to change anything in them…but there are things that should be changed, in my opinion.   Take the “anchor baby” dilemma as an example.   Foreigners come here, disguising the woman’s pregnancy, the baby is born here and is automatically a US citizen and then, after a certain period of time, the parents are automatically granted citizenship also.  That should be changed.   We need a processing center, ala Ellis Island, so that pregnancies, and other things, can be discovered, which would prevent that person from entering the United States.   Along those lines, we need a secure border.

Someone once said that a country without borders is not really a country, and it would appear that’s correct, even in modern times…perhaps even more so due to the fact that travelers, call them what you will, can bring in diseases.   Along with the very real possibility of diseases, there is the also-real possibility that terrorists are coming in, across the border, through our ports and airports, where security for incoming passengers is less than perfect.   Our oceans used to separate us from most of the dangers of the world but that’s gone out the window with flights arriving from overseas on a minute-by-minute basis around the country.   Border patrol, Immigration, Customs, are all understaffed and overworked and, I suspect, on purpose…but that’s another story.

Hey, members of Congress…do you hear this?: put the country first, ahead of your party, ahead of your own ambitions.   If the country falls it really won’t matter which party you belonged to, it will only matter that you are American.   So, which kind of American are you…strong for the United States, or strong for your own petty needs?   In the eyes of our present enemies (some of which might have been friends), we are weak, not to be trusted and, possibly, an easy takeover.   Rise up, stick your head out the window and yell “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore!”

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired, www.AirHumanityRadio



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