‘BEHEAD THEM IN THEIR OWN HOMES’: ISIS Publishes ‘Kill List’ of Names, Photos and Addresses of 100 US Military Members

Published on March 22, 2015

The ISIS “Hacking Division” has released a kill list with several US military members’ names on it, calling for lone wolf attacks in the US.

A division of ISIS published a ‘kill list’ containing the names, photos and addresses of 100 US military members online and called upon its ‘brothers residing in America’ to kill them.

The list was posted online by the ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’.

The group claimed it hacked several military servers, databases and emails to obtain the information.

The ISHD said it wants ‘lone wolf’ attackers to go after the military members and ‘kill them wherever you find them’.

The list did appear to match up with information which was available online, TheBlaze reported.

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