WORLD IN THEIR SIGHTS! Big Sodomy Takes Another Step Towards Its Global Goal

Written by Paul Hair on March 22, 2015

Big Sodomy succeeded in getting a special envoy at the Department of State that will advocate on its behalf throughout the world, and this is yet another step towards its goal of making the world bow to it under the penalty of having the full force of the U.S. government crush anyone who doesn’t.

Reuters reported in late February that the Department of State named Randy Berry as the “first-ever” special envoy for sodomy. Berry, of course, is a sodomite and the article mentions that he served as an ambassador to several nations, including Muslim ones. The U.S. is opposed to any appearance of promoting Christianity in any nation lest it offend the natives but it doesn’t care about offending nations with sodomy. In fact, it is forcing this on other nations because it is a central tenet of the American auto-theistic theocracy.

The creation of the Department of State special envoy didn’t happen on a whim. The Reuters article noted that the Human Rights Campaign (which puts the “Big” in Big Sodomy) praised the decision. And it’s no surprise that it did. After all, it advocated for it.

Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) introduced a bill in June 2014 that called for the creation of a special envoy in the Department of State. Big Sodomy (including the HRC) and their allies endorsed it.

However, Big Sodomy didn’t stop there. The HRC directly applied pressure on John Kerry. Breitbart reported on this in September 2014.

In a letter sent Thursday, HRC president Chad Griffin is asking supporters to sign a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry demanding that he name a “senior official” in the State Department who will crack down on American groups working for traditional values overseas.

The responsibilities of the senior official the HRC wanted in that particular demand appear slightly different than what Markey’s bill specified. But now that Big Sodomy has its special envoy there is no reason he can’t do both what Markey’s bill calls for and what the HRC wanted.

It isn’t exaggeration to say that Big Sodomy eventually wants to use the full force of the U.S. government to crush anyone who doesn’t submit to it. Breitbart reported in June 2014 that part of Markey’s bill also calls for “LGBT rights” to “become an official foreign policy priority of the United States and would include US training of ‘professional foreign military.’”

This is the trajectory of where the U.S. is heading. Big Sodomy getting its special envoy is the latest step in its global agenda, and that global agenda ends with the U.S. eventually warring against anyone who doesn’t convert to auto-theism and embrace sodomy with all his heart.

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