#BLACKLIVESMATTER: But Only When A Cop Or A Creepy @ss Cracker Kills Them

Published on March 26, 2015

Our society has a double standard for when they believe black lives matter.

It seems to me, the only black lives that matter, are those that are killed by a white police officer during the committing, or apprehension of a crime. The ones that come to mind ALL had criminal records.

So why do those lives warrant protests, lies, “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”, and the appearance of “chaplains” Jesse and Al to “comfort” while others don’t?

Where are the protests for the completely innocent black lives who have not only not committed a crime, they are even denied the chance to take a breath, see the sun, or nestle at a mother’s breast?

The Most Dangerous Place for Black Person to be in is the WOMB

Ranking: Deaths of Black Lives since 1972

Black Baby abortions 13 MILLION

Black People Dying from Violent Death 306, 313.+
Aids 203, 695+
Cancer 1638, 350.+
Heart Disease 2,266, 789

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