SILENCE, I KILL YOUR SOCCER BALL: Islamic State Threatened 80 Lashes To Anybody Caught Watching Real Madrid versus Barcelona

Published on March 26, 2015

ISIS hates the West, so naturally, they hate soccer.

Isis militants threatened to give anyone caught watching last Sunday’s Real Madrid versus Barcelona football match 80 lashes.

The group has imposed a strict ban against any entertainment including music and football which it considers a ‘product of the decadent West.’

Clerics issued the edict across all the Isis-held territories in Syria and Northern Iraq including the city of Mosul which has been governed as per the strict dictates of Sharia since it was taken under Isis control in June.

It is not yet known if anyone was caught watching the match where Barcelona secured a 2.1 win over Real Madrid with Luis Suarez’s second-half winner.

A Kudistan Democratic Party source told The Sun: ‘IS prohibits watching and playing any sport, particularly football as it seen as a product of the decadent West.’

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