BUSTED: Suspect Arrested For Shooting 2 Cops In #Ferguson Was A ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Protester

Published on March 15, 2015

Well, that’s ironic. Or is it? All thanks to the race baiters in office.

An arrest has been made in connection with the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, officials confirmed in a press conference on Sunday.

During the press conference, Robert McCulloch announced that Jeffrey Williams, a 20-year-old African-American male, has been arrested and charged for the shooting of two police officers on Thursday. The charges are assault in the first degree. McCulloch alluded to the details, saying:

“It was possible he was firing shots at someone other than the police, but struck the police officers.”

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McCulloch said that Williams confirmed to authorities that it was indeed him that fired the shots, however, claimed that hitting the officers was not his intention.

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Here are some of the pictures from his Facebook page that show what Jeffrey Williams was about:












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