THE CLINTONS AND THEIR SCANDALS: What Kind of People Vote for Them?

Written by Noreen O'Brien on March 16, 2015

On August 23, 1987 in Mena, Arkansas, two boys, Kevin Ives and Don Henry were beaten and stabbed to death. The boys, ages 17 and 16, were placed on the railroad tracks in an attempt to make the murders, look like suicide or an accident. The autopsy was done by Fahmy Malak (not an Irishman) the State Medical Examiner appointed by Bill Clinton. He ruled the deaths of the two boys “accidental.”

It is a well known secret that the police were responsible for these murders because the boys accidentally witnessed a drug smuggling operation.

The operation was started by Barry Seal under the governorship of Bill Clinton. Barry Seal, facing drug charges, became a CIA and DEA informant. Under the watch of police and politicians, several more suspicious deaths occurred.

In May of 1988 Keith Coney was killed in a motorcycle wreck after his throat was slit, ruled an accident, no autopsy was ever performed. Next was Keith Makaskle. An informant in the drug smuggling case, Keith was found in his garage stabbed to death 113 times. Greg Collins a friend of Keith Coney’s was found shot to death, then Boonie Bearden went missing and was presumed dead. All three were set to be witnesses for the grand jury, found dead, and no one has answered for the deaths.

Even Barry Seals airplane mechanic died of an apparent suicide after drinking mouthwash. Several more murders were committed in the area and any and all attempts at the truth were either stopped or hampered by the Clintons.

Over 50 people have died since Bill and Hillary lived first in the Governor’s mansion and then the White House, all connected to them in some way, but they remain untouchable. In fact anyone and everyone involved, excuse me allegedly involved, who made it out alive were given raises and promotions by guess who??

Now here we are in 2015 with Hillary a possible Democratic candidate for presidency and they’re still at it. Bill is under fire for a sex cruise and Hillary for her use of private email server.

I’m writing this article to try and show a path of behavior by Hillary Clinton, all this information is well known but never really stated in one place. She has been able to continue unimpeded because people have either been intimidated by them, remember Bill’s women or they end up dead. Hillary is a pathological liar and here are just a few examples.

Back when Hillary was 27 and working for the House Judiciary Committee, she attempted to deny Richard Nixon representation by counsel and gave made up legal opinions to her boss Jerry Zeifman. She also stole public documents which she was fired for and Zeifman later wrote of Hillary that she is “ethically unfit to be either a senator or president.”

Remember Whitewater? How long did those documents go missing before a White House aide found them in the private residence of Bill and Hillary? Hillary had no idea where they were.

When Hillary was Secretary of State, documents that were requested from her department, including Benghazi, were rejected because no one could find them. They were on Hillary’s private server.

Oh, and does anyone remember back in 2011 when Hillary fired Scott Gration for his use of private emails? The U.S. ambassador to Kenya? Kenya!!!!

What’s really scary is Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right hand woman, has known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and she had direct access to Hillary’s emails. And according to a former intelligence officer, Joe Gilbertson, the Russians and the Chinese were reading her emails in real time. He states there will be no trace of their listening and it is likely the French and Germans were also reading. But more importantly so was Al Quaida.

When Hillary was at the State Department the position of Inspector General went unfilled. It was the longest period that post has ever been vacant and would have been responsible for department spending and oversight. During that time six billion dollars went missing due to improper filing of contracts; there was no one to watch Hillary.

During that time Hillary’s State Dept. also gave Haiti 3.1 billion dollars for earthquake relief and guess what?? Haiti gave Hill’s brother, Tony Rodham, a goldmine! It was the first gold mining permit given to anyone in over 50 years. Remember Tony? He’s the one, along with Terry McAuliffe, that collected millions from Chinese citizens to start a car company that built exactly one car. I guess it runs in the family.

The funniest thing Hillary has ever said, aside from dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, was that she and Bill left the White House broke. Oh, and seeing the word “Honorable” on her name plate at the Benghazi hearings was also up there in the funny dept.

Bill Clinton has received almost $16 million since leaving the White House, $15 million for his memoirs and $106 million for speaking fees. Hillary, in the first year of leaving Washington, made only $14 million and only $12 million while there. Oh, and Clinton will receive, until his death, $200,000 but that must be why they claimed poverty.

All of this makes me wonder, what kind of people vote for that kind of people? Why is this behavior and the behavior of so many Democrats acceptable to the American people? Why are people like Hillary left alone, never charged, never prosecuted? Above it all. Hillary Clinton is despicable.

So, what difference does it make?

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Noreen O'Brien
Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.