Published on March 23, 2015

Here’s another fishy situation from the DOJ, NAACP, and FBI.

By John Cardillo

Did the FBI violate their own investigative protocols and improperly extend special favors to the NAACP by immediately sending 30 agents to look into the apparent suicide of convicted murderer Otis Byrd?

Were procedures violated when 40 FBI agents were deployed to Ferguson, MO to investigate what was ultimately deemed an in policy local police shooting?

And what about the bombing of a CPA’s office on the other side of a building that houses a small NAACP office in Colorado Springs that saw a rapid response from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force?

These are just a few questions I have about the special relationship the NAACP shares with federal law enforcement.

Byrd, 54 was found hanging from a tree with a bed sheet tied around his neck about 500 yards from a family member’s home on Thursday March, 19th.

His family reported him missing to the Claiborne County, MS Sheriff’s Department on March, 8th when Byrd failed to return home from a March, 2nd trip to a local casino. Local Deputies and agents from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) conducted a search alongside state Fish and Wildlife Officers which ultimately led to the discovery of Byrd’s body.

Byrd served over 25 years in prison for the 1980 robbery and murder of Lucille Trimm, and was released on parole in 2006.

When Byrd’s body was found his hands were not tied, nor were there any defensive wounds or signs of foul play. All evidence pointed to a run of the mill suicide.

Why then were 30 FBI Special Agents immediately dispatched to Claiborne County, MS, apparently in violation of the FBI and US Attorney’s own protocols for possible hate crime investigations?

We know that the local chapter of the NAACP immediately demanded FBI assistance:

“The Mississippi NAACP calls for an investigation regarding the death of Mr. Otis Byrd of Claiborne County, MS.  Mr. Byrd, who has been missing for over a week, was found hanging from a tree in a wooded area approximately near his home. We are calling on federal authorities to immediately investigate the hanging death of Mr. Otis Byrd to determine whether or not his death is the result of a hate crime.”said Derrick Johnson, president of the Mississippi State Conference of the NAACP.

The FBI even went as far as to deploy the elite Behavioral Analysis Unit made famous by the hit show Criminal Minds.

30 agents? Elite teams being flown in to profile a potential race driven serial killer? And all before an autopsy determining suicide even comes back from the medical examiner? Professionally speaking, this isn’t the norm.

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