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DON’T EFF WITH OLD MEN: Teen Pistol Whips 30yr. Police Veteran Until The Cop Pulled Out His ‘Retirement Present’

Rules of carjacking for idiots: 1. Don’t. 2. Make sure to apply rule number 1 to retired veteran cops who can shoot you in the ass.

Among the gifts Bill Strudel received after retiring as a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office sergeant 10 years ago was the police-issued handgun he used on the street, a common practice for cops who retire after years with the agency.

The present came in handy Monday night when he was attacked by an armed carjacker who left Strudel’s eyes soaked in blood after pistol-whipping him in the forehead.

Strudel, deputy police chief at the University of North Florida, shot the armed 15-year-old in the buttocks during the attempt to steal Strudel’s sport-utility vehicle, the Sheriff’s Office said. The attack occurred about 9 p.m. in the 10600 block of Lem Turner Road while Strudel, who was off-duty and out running errands, had stopped at a free-standing ice machine to buy ice, police said.

Strudel needed numerous stitches to close his head wound, said UNF Police Chief Frank Mackesy, a long-time personal and professional friend who took Strudel to the hospital.

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