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FORMER CLINTON LABOR SECRETARY: A Few Hundred Westerners Joining ISIS, ‘Not a Big Deal’

Yeah, no worries here. It’s only the JV team and they only want to take over the world by brute force…and they only want to destroy anything to do with the West.

While on Thursday’s edition of The Nightly Show on Comedy Central, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich expressed concern that the media has been covering the terrorist group ISIS too heavily and in turn has been causing the group’s ranks to swell.

After being asked by host Larry Wilmore to explain why “all these westerners [are] joining ISIS,” Reich dismissed that premise by declaring that “there are not that many trying to join ISIS” considering: “Out of 600 million Europeans and Americans you’ve got, what, 400, 800 trying to join ISIS? This is not a big deal.”

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