HASTERT RULE/SCHMASTERT RULE: Republican Leadership Rams Through Pro-Amnesty Funding

Published on March 16, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

Congress : Their cheating hearts will make you blue, Congress : Their their cheating hearts will cheat on you ! 

The informal Hastert Rule states that no Bill will be brought to the floor by the Squeaker of the Mouse unless the majority of the majority party favors the bill. The squeaker of the mouse John o’boehner brought to a vote the Senate version of the homeland security funding bill (the one that does not prohibit o’bama from spending money on unconstitutionally waiving immigration laws for illegal spies crossing our boarders ) that the majority of the majority party ( the Republicans ) opposed. This is/was evidenced by the vote where over 140 Republicans voted against the Senate version and only 75 Republicants voted for the bill. It took Nancy Pee-Lousy and her democraps to get the bill passed. This even after o’lack-of-boehner promised that it would be stopped.
Oh, this was after the Squeaker of the Mouse gave o’bama’s budget for everything else a free pass by giving him the funding using the lame sucks congress, thus tying the hands of the newly elected Republicans in the last election.
Congress : Their cheating hearts will make you blue, Congress : Their their cheating hearts will cheat on you ! 

Perhaps this should have been forseen when our elected cheating hearts chose to re-elect o’lack-of-boehner as squeaker of the Mouse even thou over 60 % of Republicans were against his being re-elected as squeaker. Both the Squeaker and our very own Will o’Hurd voted on the wrong side of funding the Department of Homeland Security.
Will o’Hurd responded to being called out on this vote that . . .

On March 3, 2015, I voted for H.R.240 to fund DHS for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2015 and prevent a shutdown of the primary agency responsible for border and national security. Let me be clear: if given the chance to vote against executive amnesty, I will do it again in a heartbeat.  I supported the DHS Funding Bill to protect our country and the jobs of thousands of my constituents. We cannot afford a lapse in border security at a time that terrorists have declared a war on the West. Voting against H.R.240 on March 3 would have done nothing to stop the President’s executive amnesty. Furthermore, this bill does not fund executive amnesty.

This was the Senate version that had been stripped of it’s funding restrictions.  This manipulation of voting for the bill that contained the restrictions allows him to state that he voted against funding for executive amnesty, while later voting for the funding bill that did not contain these provisions. Over 140 Republican congressmen saw through this façade, which should have “invoked the Hastert rule”, and not had the cleansed version voted on. After all, the majority of the majority party thought that we could afford to shut down Homeland Security over this issue.
Congress : Their cheating hearts will make you blue, Congress : Their their cheating hearts will cheat on you ! 

Meanwhile, is anyone willing to take bets that congress won’t lie and give some version of “we’re decreasing the deficit”. Which is a made up term, for we’re still going to spend more money than we take in, but it sounds better to say we’re decreasing the deficit instead of saying that we are increasing the debt.
Everyone call their cheating congressmen and tell them to not increase the DEBT limit. Live within our means. Anyone want to wager on how john o-lack-of-boehner and will o’hurd will vote on increasing the debt ceiling.
Lord, deliver us from the evil of our elected unrepresentatives, in Christ’s name I pray ! 

Image: http://degreesofmoderation.blogspot.com/2010/12/massive-earmark-budget-killed-in-senate.html

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