SPEAKING UP, SEEING RESULTS! Why the ATF Didn’t Outlaw Your Ammunition Last Week

Written by Rob Morse on March 16, 2015

The ATF said the most popular rifle cartridge at use in the US was illegal. Yes, that was a huge power grab by the Obama administration. That new claim required the ATF to reinterpret its long standing rules. And why not. There is no one to stop Obama if he pressed forward with an illegal presidential finding. Certainly the Republican senators or congressmen will not. So that leaves me asking…who stopped the latest gun grab?

It is true that some senators wrote a sternly worded letter to the ATF. Some legislators even proposed to eliminate the ATF.

Snort. That is a hollow threat. Remember this is the legislature lead by Representative John Bonner and Senator Mitch McConnell…Monsieurs Spineless and Chinless. These are the same RINO politicians who voted for Obamacare and open borders immigration while they were in the majority. They would not defund the ATF. They were only posturing politicians and the Obama administration knew it.

This proposed ammunition ban by the ATF opened the door to outlaw all civilian rifle ammunition. That door remains open. The director of the ATF, B. Todd Jones, said all 5.56 ammunition is a threat to law enforcement. So is most rifle ammunition in general. Don’t be surprised. That is the Chicago community organizer we voted for as president.

This time the Obama’s ammunition grab didn’t go as planned. The Obama administration assumed the news media would support any administration action with blind support. Instead, the news media reported the ammunition grab…as news.

That is how the Obama ammunition ban became politically dangerous for the ATF. This particular threat to civilian gun ownership could have galvanized America’s 100 million gun owners. Yes, even the gun owning old Fudds who think they are immune from politics. This sleeping mass of Americans might wake up and realize that really Obama wants their guns after all.

Snore. This ammunition ban almost woke up the gun owners of the United States. I say almost. This ammunition ban almost drove American gun owners to join the NRA, SAF and GOA. These “non-political” gun owners are a giant the ATF wants to leave alone. They want that giant to sleep soundly…at least through the next election. The gun groups were ready to beat the drum this time. The gun groups ran commercials asking people to join. That is who stopped the ATF. We did.

The ammunition ban isn’t over. The ATF will wait until a cop is shot with a rifle…even if they have to sell the rifle to the criminal. Then the ATF will return to the main stream media with talking points in hand and propose an ammunition ban. Count on it.

What should we do? How can the average Joe and Jane support liberty? I’m sorry, but it is not by giving money to the Republican Party. Wake up, America. Join the National Rifle Association, the Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. They support liberty and protect our rights when Republican’s don’t.

Image: http://www.blacklistednews.com/Not_a_Single_Police_Officer_Has_Ever_Been_Killed_