HILLARY’S FULL OF SHILLARY: Hillary Used Personal Email Account As Secretary of State ‘For Convenience’

Published on March 10, 2015

Welcome to House of Cards, the Hillary edition. Watch her get away with everything.

Hillary Clinton today admitted she had deleted as many as 31, 830 personal emails she sent as Secretary of State as she attempted to defend her ‘home brew’ private account.

The wannabe-Democratic president said at a press conference that she ‘did not choose to keep’ anything that was official government business after she was asked to hand over her records to the State Department.

She broke her silence after days of mounting questions over her email arrangements, which included keeping the messages on a private server at her home in New York that is protected by the Secret Service.

But her 20-minute question and answer session was dismissed by senior Republicans, who said, they were ‘left with more questions than answers.’

Clinton spoke at the United Nations in an attempt to head off commotion and admitted that she would have been ‘smarter’ to use an official email address.

She insisted that she streamlined her correspondence for ‘convenience’ and said that in hindsight she should have behaved differently.

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