MATTHEWS VS. HILLARY: She Can’t Say ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ [VIDEO]

Published on March 10, 2015

You know Hillary really screwed up when her own kind are turning against her.

MATTHEWS: I don’t think it’s about words, Thomas. I don’t think it’s about words. She’s not a commentator on television, like I am. She has to answer questions about facts that she knows about decisions she has to make. Will she release her server, which has all of the information, all of the e-mails on that. If she does not do it today, she’ll have too do it at some point in the future or else, her critics, not just her critics, people who have questions about her in the middle politically that are straight reporters, will ask well why not. And the Republicans who don’t like her will be able to say right through the next election as she’s a candidate, presumably, you never gave us your information, your e-mails. Therefore we can’t say what you were hiding about whatever it is, whether it’s Benghazi, whatever issue they are concerned about. They’ll say ‘you’ve kept that.’

There’s a dynamic at work here, and she, having worked as a young attorney in the Nixon committee in the ’70s, she knows how it works. Once it’s out that you have tapes, like Nixon did, or once it’s out that you have an email system, your own server that you set up, people will want to see it. You can’t say what difference does it make, because at this point people want the information. 

Via The Daily Caller