IRAN AND OBAMA: What Consequences to The ‘Deal’ Between Them?

Written by Allan Erickson on March 24, 2015

People tend to forget the Iranians declared war on the United States back in 1979.  Shi’ite radicals in Tehran have been promising to destroy Israel and the United States for 36 years.
Atrocities committed against their own citizens have been reported for years. Sharia Law demands executions of homosexuals, the chopping of hands as punishment for theft, arrest and torture for certain infractions, the gouging out of eyes for other violations, execution without trial, and the lashing of women accused of provoking rape. Iranian leaders are incomparably brutal, eclipsed only by ISIS, exporting mayhem worldwide and escalating on every front.  President Obama had an opportunity in 2009 to support the Iranian reform movement, but he declined. Then, the clerics made it clear who was in control as citizens were gunned down left and right.

Iran is the largest state sponsor of international terrorism in the world.  Iran is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and many more injuries, during the course of almost four decades.  Iran supplied roadside bombs to Iraq for many years, resulting in the killing and maiming of thousands of American soldiers.  It is also worth noting Iranian influence and military presence in various places throughout South America, troops and facilities being readied for attack.

Furthermore, Iran funds and provides weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Assad in Syria, and in recent months, Iran has spread its presence and influence in northern Iraq and Yemen.  Iran advances minute by minute as Obama retreats day by day.  Inexplicably, Obama recently removed Iran from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.  (And remember, according to Obama, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.)

On top of all this, Iran has been working feverishly for many years to acquire nuclear weapons, promising to use those weapons to destroy Israel, the United States, and anyone else standing in the way of their Shi’ite Revolution, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.  Time and again Iranian officials have lied and concealed their activities, thwarting all U.N. efforts to inspect and halt the enrichment of weapons-grade uranium.
These are simply the stark facts.

So when a U.S. President with a long history of failure at the negotiation table is found ready to sign a “deal” with Iran that demands nothing of them but allows them wide clearance to develop nukes, is it any wonder the warning bells go off?

It is unusual for 47 Senators to write to a foreign power warning leaders that no agreement is binding without affirmation by Congress.  Yet this is precisely what those Senators did recently, recognizing the crisis we face if Obama allows Iran to get the bomb.  It’s not just a matter of the immediate threat Iran poses.  The Saudis and others have stated flat out they will race to get the bomb as well, also perceiving a lethal threat from Tehran.

It is also highly unusual for an Israeli Prime Minister to coordinate with the Speaker of the House to address Congress without White House involvement, but that is precisely what Netanyahu was forced to do, to warn the world of the horrific outcomes should Obama sign off on the proposed “deal” with Iran.  Netanyahu is obviously motivated to protect his own country, and indeed, the entire world.

To make matters even worse, if that were possible, Charles Krauthammer reports the Russians, the Chinese and many in Europe are now glad to rush in to do business with Iran, fully expecting Obama’s “deal” to accelerate Iranian acquisition of a nuclear weapon.

A nuclear Iran will likely mean nuclear war.  It will probably mean death on a scale we cannot imagine.  And it will happen because the Iranians welcome death.  Their theology predicts the return of the Mahdi who will save the world, but only when the End Times war is waged against Israel and all enemies of Shi’ite Iran.

Essentially, the clerics in Tehran actually believe they are doing God and humankind a favor by acquiring a nuke and using it against Israel and the West.  It is this kind of incomparable fanaticism that threatens the entire world, a fanaticism Barack Obama thinks he can compromise with, as if shaking hands with madmen instills confidence.

Wisely, others are facing the truth and behaving like adults with courage:  47 Republican Senators, many in the Democrat Party, the Saudis, the King of Jordan, and the President of Egypt. The trouble is, despite their good efforts, Obama is proceeding to sell us down the river of blood, capitulating to terror merchants in Tehran, helping our enemies even as he attacks Netanyahu, those 47 Senators, and other leaders with the good sense to sound the alarm.



Allan Erickson
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