ISLAMIC STATE: Is It Winning? CIA Says NO!

Written by Audrey Russo on March 25, 2015

Years ago, we were able to trust the word of our Intelligence agencies, because the man in the White House was an American patriot, not one whose affinities lied elsewhere.
How times have changed…

Recently, in an interview with Fox News Sunday, CIA director John Brennan offered an optimistic assessment of U.S. efforts against the Islamic State, stating, “Clearly, ISIS momentum inside of Iraq and Syria has been blunted, and it has been stopped…They are not on the march as they were several months ago…And so, our working with the Iraqis and the Iraqis now trying to push back against it, it is having some great, I think, progress.”

Hmm…that’s a wee bit different than what he said to the Council on Foreign Relations just over a week prior. He stated that “the Islamic State had ‘snowballed’ beyond Iraq and Syria, estimating that at least 20,000 fighters from more than 90 countries have gone to join the militant group, several thousand of them from Western nations, including the United States.”
Now, which is it? Blunted or snowballed? There is a difference…

Aside from Brennan’s schizophrenic assessment, there are many factors that conflict with his most recent evaluation:

— Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi said, “ISIS is getting stronger…It’s not true that they have lost control in Syria and are losing control in Iraq. Let us face the facts as they are…We have seen what happened in France, and it is powered by ISIS…”
— ISIS now has an active tentacle in Africa, with the head of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, pledging allegiance to ISIS.
— ISIS is slaughtering its way through the Middle East, attempting to commit genocide of all Christians, warning Iraqi Christians their choices are: Convert, pay the jizya (tax on non-Muslims), or die.
— Danger increases for America at our unsecured Southern border, where the Gulf and Zetas Cartels are happy to accommodate terrorist groups (for beaucoup bucks), who desire to cross our border illegally.
— And those who have been “blunted” or “stopped”, rarely release a hit list of 100 US Military personnel, to their “brothers residing in America” to hunt them down.

The security of ourselves, our families and our allies (especially unarmed, innocent Christians in the Middle East/Africa) is too grave to be toyed with by feckless, confused or deluded leaders, who never grew up past the unicorn stage of childhood. The Islamic State is victorious so far…and as long as we continue to show them weakness: They will subjugate us…one way or another.

“You can prevent your opponent from defeating you through defense, but you cannot defeat him without taking the offensive.” ~Sun Tzu

Shalom through strength…



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