REEDUCATION: TX University Wants More ‘Ethnic Studies’ Classes to Combat ‘Border Patrol’ Parties

Published on March 2, 2015

Free speech? Forget that. If you don’t like it, you’ll have to be reeducated.

By Katherine Timpf, National Review

Liberals are upset that the University of Texas–Austin is refusing to punish students for wearing politically incorrect clothing to an off-campus party.  On Februay 7, members of Phi Gamma Delta threw an off-campus party that fraternity president Andrew Campbell said was supposed to be “western” themed. Some of the guests, however, had apparently heard it was a “border patrol” themed party, and showed up in “culturally insensitive” attire such as construction gear and sombreros, according to an article in the Daily Texan, the school’s official student newspaper.

School administrators decided that although they would work to educate the frat members about cultural sensitivity, they could not punish anyone formally because the party was off-campus. After all, a university can hardly dictate to students what to wear everywhere they go.

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Don’t worry, here is the way to combat these Western parties:

Latin Post – Garcia and the organization had a meeting with the Campus Climate Response Team on Thursday morning. The group and school officials discussed increasing funding for ethnic studies and the possibility of allowing Latino Community Affairs to have a role in the cultural-diversity requirement in the school. The response team will also mediate a discussion between fraternity members and the Latino Community Affairs.