TEXAS OPEN CARRY: Texas Senate Approves Open Carry Law While Greg Abbott Warms Up His Signing Pen

Published on March 17, 2015

Another win for the second amendment in Texas.

AUSTIN – The State Senate is one step away from passing a bill that would allow people to openly carry handguns.

Senators voted 20-11 Monday to approve Senate Bill 17, which would allow open carry legal for those with a concealed handgun license.

Vote after vote on more than 20 proposed floor amendments to SB 17 showed party lines were drawn. Every vote was 20-11, with the 20 Republicans voting in favor and 11 Democrats voting against.

The bill would allow Concealed Handgun License holders to display their guns outside of their clothes.

“I think what we’re talking about here are responsible citizens who are trained who have gone through a background check and we will expect them to act responsibly,” said State Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston).

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