‘YOU’RE MAKING MONEY OFF IT’: Black Rapper and White Host Clash Over Use of N-word on CNN


Double standards much? Mark Ferguson clashes on CNN when he explains how using the N-word would cost him his career but rappers make money by using it.

Rapper Trinidad James appeared on CNN tonight for a lengthy discussion over the n-word that culminated in James clashing with conservative guestBen Ferguson over the use of the n-word and whether rap artists are profiting off it. James first spoke with Don Lemon and said he’s not terribly concerned with the SAE frat mother who dropped the n-word several times while singing along to one of his songs.

But the real fireworks began when Ferguson and Marc Lamont Hill joined in the second segment. Hill backed up James to say that rap artists get undue “burden and pressure” to stop saying the n-word when filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino don’t get the same treatment.

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