VERY COOL: Check Out What Outback Did For 92yr. Old WWII Vet & Son

Published on March 10, 2015

This Outback Steakhouse honored this WWII veteran in a pretty cool way. Check it out…

A 92-year-old veteran received an incredible gift for his birthday when a local Outback restaurant surprised him by paying his family’s entire bill.

Bob Nieman, the man’s son, reached out to Opposing Views to share some photos from his father’s birthday dinner and describe the amazing gift they received from the waitstaff.

As Nieman explained in his message, his father, 92, is a World War II veteran and was a plank owner on the USS Lexington. On Feb. 21, a total of four people, including Nieman and his father, decided to go out to a local Outback restaurant to celebrate the elderly man’s birthday. Much to their surprise, the check came back completely covered by the server and/or restaurant.

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