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News Clash

BRIAN WILLIAMS IS DONE: NBC Says BW Lied 11x To Make Himself Look Like A Bad-@ss would like NBC’s investigative team to turn those guns on Hillary now, por favor.

Shamed newsman Brian Williams’s lied in his reporting to make himself look good at least 11 times, an internal investigation has reportedly found.

The total, cited in media reports about the secretive investigation, would mean the trail of deceit from the fallen face of NBC’s Nightly News goes far deeper than previously reported.

Investigative journalists at the network have been poring over Williams’s past reports and statements after he was booted from the top job in TV news, hunting down signs of dishonesty.

Williams was publicly suspended with no pay for six months after it emerged that he repeatedly told a self-aggrandizing, false story about being aboard a military helicopter hit by an RPG over Iraq.

Further scrutiny of Williams’s record turned up other questionable claims, including dodging rocket fire over Israel and seeing a body floating through the French Quarter of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

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