‘GOD HAS BLESSED US FOR STANDING UP FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE’: Pizza Place Gets $900k in Donations After Refusing to Cater Gay Weddings

These pizza shop owners have more cojones than most Christian leaders.

The owner of an Indiana pizza restaurant who was forced to close shop after she told a local news reporter that her establishment would not cater a gay wedding reaffirmed her beliefs in an interview on Saturday.

Crystal O’Connor, owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, said that she stands by her statement, and that she does not hate gay people, just does not support gay marriage.

She then responded to the now staggering $850,000 that has been raised in support of her establishment by saying; ‘God has blessed us for standing up for what we believe, and not denying him.’

In her interview, with Fox News Business‘ Neil Cavuto, O’Connor also said; ‘It is not a sin that we bring gays into our establishment, and to serve them. It is a sin, though, if we condone. If we cater their wedding.’

She then added; ‘We feel we are participating, we are putting a stamp of approval on their wedding, and we cannot do that.’

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