THANKS OBAMA: Obama’s Motorcade Forced Woman to Give Birth on Highway with Only a Shoelace and Blanket

Published on April 5, 2015

I’m sure this woman was pretty upset at Obama for having to give birth on a highway.

A Kentucky woman was forced to give birth on Interstate 65 on Thursday while stuck in traffic waiting for the Presidential motorcade to pass.

Fortunately there was a nurse also stuck in the gridlock, sitting in her car nearby, who was able to run over and help deliver the little boy, Arley, safely.

It was bumper-to-bumper all up the I-65 in Louisville for President Obama’s visit to the city to tour a technology plant and give a speech about the economy, worsened because Obama had been caught up in Washington D.C.

Jessica Brown was on her way to hospital with her husband, Zakk Satterley, when the couple realized, in standstill traffic, they weren’t going to make it. Their baby was coming.

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