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HILLARY’S CREEPY-@SS RULES: They’re For ‘Every Day Americans’ Who Want To Meet ‘Their CHAMPION’

Here’s some rules for interacting with the Hildebeest – because you want to make sure you don’t offend her.

The results are in, and pretty much everyone agrees that the rollout of Hillary’s presidential campaign has been a disaster. From the weird Chipotle visit to the parking in handicapped spaces, team Hillary made sure to control every aspect of her campaign to such a degree that it was absolutely creepy.

From Business Insider:

Now the rules have come out for being an “every day American” that got to meet Hillary on the campaign:

“I get there, and the first thing he said was, ‘I need you to sign this release.’ And I said, ‘Why? Who’s going to be here?’” Yowell explained. ”

The people who had coffee with Clinton had to sign the release forms because the event was filmed for a video the Clinton campaign released on Friday. However, everyone who spoke to Business Insider said they weren’t able to get take their own pictures of the meeting because Price asked to take their phones before the encounter.

“I was so excited,” Yowell said. “But then they took our cellphones and I was, like, ‘But I can’t call and tell anyone?’”

“We had to turn our cellphones in to them before we went in,” Nelson said. “We all handed them over.”

All the attendees who spoke with Business Insider said they didn’t mind being asked to turn over their cellphones before meeting with Clinton as it allowed for privacy.

“I think they didn’t want us saying, you know, emailing our friends while were there,” Nelson said. “That place would have been mobbed.”

Yowell pointed to the fact Clinton’s first stop on the campaign trail on Tuesday attracted a pack of reporters who chased after her van.

“I understand because … her first stop in eastern Iowa was like a feeding frenzy for the media and the paparazzi,” Yowell said. “So you know, she wanted to meet with us and not have all that extraneous stuff … I understand that, and I’m OK with that.”

The secrecy didn’t end with phones being confiscated. After initially meeting at the Village Inn, the guests piled into a two-car convoy.

“On the way [Price] said ‘We’re going to an undisclosed location in downtown Council Bluffs,” Yowell said.

Once the cars stopped, the group was still not told where they were going.

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