I THINK PERRY SLAMMED CRUZ, RAND & RUBIO: We Tried ‘Young, Inexperienced Senator’ Already

Rick Perry thinks we’ve already had enough of ‘young, inexperienced Senators’.

By Josh Feldman, Mediaite

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry didn’t fare so well the last time he ran for president, but he’s considering another run, so, of course, he was in New Hampshire today. And in comments he made to reporters, Perry made it clear while he holds great respect for candidates like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, he doesn’t think they’re experienced enough

According to CNN, Perry contrasted the executive record of a governor like himself with those aforementioned senators. He argued, “When you walk off the Senate floor, you walk off the Senate floor. You don’t walk away from things when you’re governor. You have to deal with things.”

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