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‘I WAS JUST PRAYING TO MY GOD’: Survivor Found In Closet Two Days After Muslim Terrorists Massacred Kenyan University

She didn’t come out of the closet for two days, fearing that the terrorists were still on campus.

The fervent prayers of a 19-year-old student denied al-Shabaab terrorists of their 149th victim during their pre-dawn Holy Thursday raid of Garissa University College in Kenya.

Cynthia Cheroitich was discovered by forensics experts two days after the mass killing hiding in a crawl space above a closet covered in clothing, in time to offer her gratitude Easter Sunday for her own personal resurrection.

Cheroitich refused to come out of her place of hiding out of fear that the terrorists were still on the campus, and attributed her survival to body lotion she found in the closet — to quench her thirst — and prayer — to quell her fears.

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