IS IT OVER? The Left’s Unconditional Love for Hillary is Waning

Published on April 26, 2015

by Leonora Cravotta
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Hillary Clinton has been accused of everything from lying to stealing the White House china. We still don’t know her exact role in the 2012 Benghazi attacks which killed four Americans including our US ambassador. Over the last two months, we have learned that when she was Secretary of State, she used a private email server to conduct State Department business. We also know that when an official government request was made for her to turn over State Department emails, she turned over only 50% of the 60,000+ emails associated with the server, claiming that she deleted the others as they represented personal correspondence.
And let’s not forget Hillary’s involvement in the Whitewater investigation, her firing from the Watergate investigation for dishonesty. The list goes on and on.

Yet despite all of this mounting evidence against Hillary Clinton, the Left refused to abandon her. One would think that this laundry list of misdeeds would send Hillary Clinton to prison or to political obscurity. But no, she remains the front runner for the Democratic 2016 Presidential ticket with close to 50% of Democrats indicating that they would support her candidacy. So what is her secret? Why is Hillary so untouchable? How is it that she runs from the media refusing to conduct any interviews and the media responds by running after her Scooby van?

The Left embraces Hillary not in spite of her transgressions but because of them. They admire her ability to “get away” with anything. They never call her on her lies. They never question the fact that her 2016 presidential campaign appears to have no platform unless you can call being a woman a platform. If female gender is what she brings to the party, there are 165 million other eligible candidates.

This unconditional love affair has now hit a stormy path. Two new bombshells have emerged which may result in her campaign swan song. An April 23 New York Times article entitled “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal” announced Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, which suggests that Hillary exchanged political favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation and pumped up speaking fees for her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

On the very same day, Reuters released an article entitled “Exclusive: The Clinton charities will refile tax returns, audit for other errors” which revealed that charities associated with the Clinton Foundation need to refile their tax returns for the past few years. This situation came about because the Clinton Foundation filed tax returns for the years 2010-2013 which stated that foundation received $0 in donations from foreign governments. However during that time period, the foundation actually raked in tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments. The Clinton Foundation is now conducting an external investigation and will refile the returns for reportedly at least five years. Finally liberals are beginning to stand up and take notice. The defections have started with the liberal organization Common Cause coming forward and demanding an independent audit of the Clinton Foundation’s donations.

Apparently the evidence against Hillary has finally become too big to ignore. The Uranium One saga is one of Clinton Cash’s big revelations in that it shows a direct correlation between Russia’s uranium enrichment and the Clinton Foundation. Ian Telfer, the chairman of Uranium One, funneled donations totaling $2.35 million to The Clinton Foundation during the years 2009-2013. In addition, shortly after Russia acquired its majority stake in Uranium One, Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee to deliver a speech in Moscow to a Russian bank with connections to the Kremlin. The deal also gave Russia control of one fifth of all the uranium production capacity in the U.S. And of course, Russia also had the capacity to sell uranium to Iran.

There is also evidence that Clinton Foundation donor Victor Pinchuk may have violated U.S. sanctions against Iran by selling $2 million in steel pipes to Iran in 2012, although he has not been charged with this crime to date. Pinchuk and his foundation provided more than $8.6 million to The Clinton Foundation from 2009-2013 and has pledged $20 million more. And while Clinton campaign has tried to dismiss Clinton Cash as a “smear project” the book has clearly gained a lot of attention and perceived credibility from media organizations including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Fox News which had initial exclusivity deals with the author.

These two Clinton Foundation black eyes may be the final straw for Hillary. The Left may be finally weary of the Clintons and their scandals. And let’s face it, Hillary lacks her husband’s warmth and charisma. And she also lacks “freshness”. Even Barack Obama described her as not having that “new car smell”.

Being an arrogant elitist who never pays the price for her indiscretions may be a good profile for a reality star heiress. But Hillary Clinton is running for the presidency of the United States. She needs to be held to a higher standard. She can’t just run on gender or the tarnished Clinton name. Maybe the liberal media and voters have finally wised up. Instead of chasing Hillary’s Scooby van, perhaps they still start demanding a candidate who has the competency and the ethics to lead our great country.

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