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ROSEANNE SLAMS HILLARY: ‘I don’t care what’s in her shorts, she’s the same old sh-t’

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Roseanne Barr commented on how she really feels about Hillary. Check it out…

By Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast

We speak days after Hillary Clinton announces her own presidential candidacy. Barr is emphatically not a Clinton supporter.

“I think she’s a Democrat just like they all are. She seems like every other Democrat. I would not like to see her win. She’s the same old shit. I’d like to see me win.I don’t see how she can win, but it will be interesting to see how the process goes—although its kind of offensive that the American people for 21 months have to live through the mudslinging that goes on between the two parties, which I think is just a tactic to prevent government from doing anything about any of our problems.It just elongates the election process. It’s like a traffic jam. That’s how it works: blaming and mudslinging.”

A Clinton presidency wouldn’t even be a symbolic achievement, I ask.

“‘Symbolically’? What does that mean? I would rather see the first intelligent, honest American president. I don’t care what’s in their shorts. I don’t care what it looks like down there at all. The thing I did like Hillary for was that she was the first candidate who ever listened to what women said, because she had to.”

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