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TEXAS BANKER: ‘Guns Welcome Sign — Best Thing I Ever Did’

This is how banking should be. Another reason why Texas rules.

Almost four and a half years ago, a small bank in a small town northwest of Houston posted a sign on their front door. Chappell Hill Bank had been robbed five times over the years, every time, according to Bank President Edward Smith “by Yankees”. In 2010, Smith ordered the sign for the door, and things have been “different” since then.

In an exclusive interview Monday with Breitbart Texas, Smith says the bank hasn’t been robbed at gun point since, and if anything, could now be the best promoted banking operation in the Lone Star State.

“The sign alone has brought in customers from thirteen more states and three foreign countries who like the way we do business, and our attitude towards the Second Amendment,” Smith proudly stated.

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Image: Breitbart, Bob Price